Our yoga classes are taught by teachers with a solid training and a passion for movement, physical fitness and serenity. Most classes are in the Vinyasa style, which means that postures, breath and movement are coordinated. Zero Gravity’s mandate is to offer dynamic and safe yoga classes where you will be able to rise to the challenge of getting in shape and expanding your limits while developing concentration and self-respect in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Are you a group of colleagues or friends looking for a fun activity to share? Planning a bachelorette or birthday party? Zero Gravity can set up a private class for you.

Yoga class descriptions

Yoga 101


We’re focusing on the basics, but this is still a serious workout! Taught at a slower pace, these classes are a great place for beginners to learn the fundamentals as well as for more experienced practitioners to fine-tune their practice. We explore the foundations of the Zero Gravite sequence, breaking it down to learn principles of alignment and safe transitions.

Base – yoga


Take the building blocks of Yoga 101 to create a flowing, integrated practice. This course is a mix of Vinyasa flow and longer, intense holds of single postures. Progressively develop the stamina necessary to follow our Ascent classes, while continuing to learn principles of the Zero Gravite sequence. Open to strong beginners.    

Ascent – yoga


This class will suit beginners who are in good physical shape as well as intermediate level students. Yoga in motion and exciting sequences of postures combined with deep and conscious breathing will give you a sense of physical and mental well-being and a feeling of rejuvenation. Inversions and arm balances may show up from time to time!

Ascent plus – yoga


If you like to twist, turn, and go upside-down this class is for you! Ascent plus classes involve a fluid sequencing of postures in a more sustained rhythm that explores your limits. Instructors prepare you for challenging poses while offering variations and options for those at every level. Unsure if you’re ready for the summit? Ask your instructor or the front desk, and we’re happy to talk more!  


All levels

Acroyoga is an exciting way to experience a partnership that builds trust, cooperation and concentration. It’s a playful practice that brings together the elements of balance, core strength and coordination from acrobatics and breath, body awareness and flexibility from yoga.

Building on the 3 roles (base, flyer, spotter) and the fundamental principles (counterbalance, weight distribution, alignment), we’ll learn acro-yoga flows and get into creative explorations. Come alone or with a partner.



A minimum of 10 beginner’s classes is required to participate in this class. Those with related experience must arrive in class at least 10 minutes in advance to let the teacher know about their level and experience.

Restorative yoga

All levels

Whether you want to stretch after your climbing session or simply relax at the end of your day, this class will give you the opportunity to improve your flexibility, in depth! After a short warm-up, the emphasis will be on stretching postures that will be held for longer periods of time, exploring different muscular chains.