Rock climbing

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Climbing on routes

In order to climb, you need to be belayed by a qualified person (belayer). To do so, any new person who wants to belay must pass an accreditation exam. If you do not have sufficient experience or have never belayed before, you can take our Learn to belay class and then take your accreditation exam.


You do not need to be accredited for this type of climbing since no rope is required. Bouldering is done on low walls, and the walls are surrounded by mattresses – all you need to do is learn to fall!


« Like all passions, climbing is a link that gives the feeling of belonging to a great community driven by the same goals and the same dreams. »

Stéphanie Bodet andArnaud Petit
«Free rider», El Capitan, Yosemite, USA

Rock climbing is an opportunity to find ourselves and to learn to trust our belayer, the less-than-ideal holds on the wall and, most importantly, to learn to trust ourselves. Climbing lets us escape the daily grind; work, traffic, and metros full of people in a hurry. At the top, the climber has only one thing in mind: to surpass himself based on his own criteria. At the bottom, the belayers only thought is to be there for his partner.